• Steel Industry
  • Pulp and paper Industry
  • Textile industry
  • Packaging industry PE, PP, cardboard, tin
  • Wood processing industry
  • Leather processing industry
  • Mining industry

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Spare parts

Spare parts

  • Concrete processing industry
  • Construction and maintenance industry
  • Manufacture of paperboard industry
  • Mining exploatation industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Industry of machinery and production lines

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Wheels and reconditions

Wheels and reconditions

  • Wheels for lifting and stacking
  • Industrial carring wheels
  • Wheels for different applications in industry
  • Wheels for escalators

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  • Steel industry
  • Packaging industry PE, PP, cardboard, tin
  • Machine building industry and production lines

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Rubber Tiles

Rubber Tiles

  • Aspect estetic deosebit
  • Rezistenta marita la inghet si dezghet repetat
  • Rezistenta la temperaturi inalte
  • Rezistenta exceptionala la uzura
  • Recuperarea integrala la desfiintarea pavajului
  • Mai usoare cu 50kg/mp decât betonul
  • Antiderapante si impermeabile

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  • Rollers
  • Wheels and spare parts
  • Moulds for own use
  • Reconditioning shafts and bearing shares

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Polyurethane types Normal polyurethane-PU (MDI)
High performance polyurethane-HPPU
NDI Polyurethane (NDI)
Microcellular polyurethane (MDI/NDI)
Hardness range 20-100 ShA , 20-85 ShD
Standard Colors
Maximum casting capacity in mould Ø1800 x 2500mm
Maximum centrifugal casting capacity Ø1800 x 10000mm

Possibilities for the selection of the material, the hardness and the color, depending on the working environment and customer equirements.


Smooth Grinding
Grinding with curve
Helical grooves
Longitudinal grooves
Spherical grooves
Diamond grooves